"Follow your light" can mean many things, for me it has evolved over the years. When I began my professional career as a photographer five years ago, it meant to trust my instinct. This technique led me to build relationships with many people in the reggae scene and eventually I was shooting my first Cali Roots. That was 2014, the year when SOJA burned the guitar on stage. That was a turning point. The photo I took of Trevor Young spread everywhere. It opened many doors.

In 2015, I came back to Cali Roots. I was hired to be an official photographer of the festival. I was hired to do what I love, which is to document. "Follow your light" evolved into a mantra. I was starting to understand that there is something special about it. In the physical world, it means to find the best lighting possible to be able to take a great image, a photo that will make people say "Wow". Slowly, it turned into an understanding about connection, about how you make people feel when you photograph them, about how you walk your talk. 

This year, I show up strong. Inspired. Focused. It is a blessing to document something that is constantly growing and evolving. This year I hope to use the light to bring you amazing images. Moments that will last a lifetime. Cali Roots is a movement and I'm learning that it starts within. Each and everyone of us bring something unique to it. We come together for 3 days and use music as the glue that binds us all.

Here are some of my favorite images from last year.