Oceti Sakowin Winter • 11x17 Photo Print

Oceti Sakowin Winter
Oceti Sakowin Winter
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Oceti Sakowin Winter • 11x17 Photo Print


Oceti Sakowin Winter • North Dakota • 2016

• 11x17

• Museum-grade Lustre Photo Paper 

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For every print sold we will donate 25% to the The Freshet Collective they are a group of volunteers committed to fighting for Indigenous rights and environmental justice. To date, North Dakota has brought over 800 cases against water protectors taking a stand against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Charges range from misdemeanor trespass to felonies such as "inciting a riot" for engaging in unarmed resistance. Five water protectors have been indicted by a grand jury so far; indictments are ongoing.

The Freshet Collective is a non-profit formed by water protectors within the camps, to manage and expend the Sacred Stone Legal Fund on legal cases arising from the stand against Dakota Access. To date, Freshet has spent over $500k on bail alone, and we now face the next part of this battle: ensuring representation of water protectors in North Dakota courts. Freshet has contracted a team of court support, attorneys, anti-repression, and legal support - they pay for travel to and from court for water protectors, housing, attorney fees, court fees, and contractor fees.

They continue to be in great need of criminal attorneys and those with a legal background who are willing to live and work in North Dakota for a number of months. They work closely with the Water Protector Legal Collective, a non-profit currently engaged in the pro hac process for out of state attorneys.

Please lend them your support as they continue the fight for justice. A spark of resistance turned into a movement, we are all in this together.